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2021 Quantity Surveying Salary Survey Report

Posted By Kappa Executive Search  

Download the 2021 Quantity Surveying Salary Report HERE


It has been tough for employers to attract and retain high-quality QS employees during the past 12 months. In that time 'Quantity Surveyor' salaries have risen across Australia, in some cases fairly sharply.


The big jump in 2021 has been around the SQS to Associate level. While there's no doubt excellent salary packages continue to be available to Senior level Quantity Surveyors who possess a revenue generating network, particularly in the Health, Education and Infrastructure sectors.


This survey was carried out in June 2021. Employers are now competing heavily for talent across the board. This has been exacerbated by a steep drop off in qualified overseas candidates entering the market. We're now at the tipping point, and this could swing back sharply should the latest covid issue shake confidence. Just like it did last year.


This upward pressure on salaries is not sustainable. These were measures taken by firms in response to critical time constraints. Many firms were operating with a skeleton crew due to last year's downturn. The uplift in demand caught some by surprise.


This salary trend is starting to level off in any case. We're now seeing a move towards robust benefits packages for Quantity Surveyors of all experience levels, including perks like bonuses, car allowances, flexible work arrangements and health care subsidies. Equity/profit share is no longer on the table.


Whilst salary packages are key for any jobseeker, it seems to be that other motivators are becomingly increasingly significant, including, organisational culture, flexibility, career progression opportunities and training & development.


Download the 2021 Quantity Surveying Salary Survey Report learn more about current Quantity Surveyor salary rates and career prospects.


If you need the right team to help you grow your organisation, or perhaps you are considering your own career, then don't hesitate to get in contact and together we can talk about how Kappa Executive Search can help.